Sky Rebels in Gran Canaria




Sky Rebels is an adventure company located in Gran Canaria. The company is owned by a fun loving couple, Ines and Juanjo. The other member of their team is Gavioto, their boy (machine) whose main purpose is to help the tourists have a great time in Gran Canaria.


What is a Paratrike? The machine evolved from a paraglider with the addition of engine. It eliminated the physical effort for take off and landing, and offers the safety of an airplane flight.

What does it feel like? Like heaven. Flying so low you can see sea turtles in the ocean. The wind kisses your face as you fly like a bird over the famous Maspalomas Dune. For 30 minutes, it feels like you own the world.

vlcsnap-2017-05-26-17h13m20s054    vlcsnap-2017-05-26-17h08m57s439

Who can fly on a paratrike? No training is required to take a flight. The only restriction is weight, passengers must weigh between 30 and 100kg.

How can I find out more? Just check out their website Send a question. Ines will be happy to reply back.



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