Checking out Artenara

A difficult but beautiful road leads you to the village of Artenara, which is the highest village of the island and also one of the oldest

When we arrived at the mountain village, we saw the Christ statue with widespread arms, which reminded me of the famous Rio de Janeiro figure. From the bottom of the village the statue looked so much smaller.
The road round upwards, the village, many of the homes were caves built into the mountainside.
The main square was easy to find and wander through. We found all the main sights in moments. The village had a lot to offer but compact at the same time. The village church, Iglesia de San Matías, was the prettiest I had seen in Gran Canaria.

DSCF6085    DSCF6089 (4)
The weather was cool and we wandered briefly. From Unamuno’s Viewpoint we could see all the important geological moments of the island: the Caldera of Tejada, Roque Bentaiga or Roque Nublo. Even for that short moment, as I gazed out down below, I felt so peaceful.
We climbed to the top of the mountain and starred up the white stone statue called Christ Statue. At the bottom of the hill we looked left and spotted the sign for Restaurante Mirador La Cilla. The cave restaurant with the famous tunnel entrance.


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