Walking in the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

Cloaked in a black suit and a foreboding top hat, this stealth figure looked out of place standing beside the modern Underground Station in London England.

 Feeling no fear I joined the growing crowd of curious onlookers.  “The game is afoot” he announced in a conspiring tone, and turned swiftly. Not bothering to look behind at whom dared to follow the mysterious guide walking in the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes.

 “What beguiles you to study this mythical detective who has never walked the cobblestoned streets of London?” boomed the guide of London Walks.

 After a hearty laugh at ourselves, we listened as our leader described how the fictional Sherlock Holmes was created by Arthur Conan Doyle. How the famous detective had solved the famous mysteries of the day from his imaginary study at 221B Baker Street.

 Sleuthing through Charing Cross, down dark alleys, past famous London landmarks we followed as close as the crowd allowed. I dare not miss a word this man had to reveal.

 Posed at the entrance to a cold dark alley I closed my eyes for a second, I could almost see the gaslights lining the famous Strand. I felt a sliver of cold fear. Was this how his fictional victims felt as they ran helplessly through London’s dangerous streets?

  “In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes ends at the Sherlock Holmes Restaurant and Museum.  A tour of the museum is worth your time and money.


Why is Easyjet UK’s #1 Airline?

EasyJet’s fare prices make them UK’s #1 airline, and we are delighted to fly them year after year.

I automatically check their flights first, because they offer the largest number of flights to the most popular destinations all around Europe. Their fares consistently beat out other chartered airlines flying to the same destination.

Over the years I have found their flights prompt, staff friendly, and seat comfortable. My husband is six feet and we will often choose to upgrade to premium seats. The small charge is worth the guarantee of arriving fresh and eager to enjoy our holiday.

The airline maintains their lowest fares by limited complimentary service.  Meals, drinks and headphone cost extra. Who cares.  I can always pack a chocolate bar.

The website is loaded with great resources. My favourite place to visit is the low fare finder. Each week I can check out which exciting European destination is on sale.  Check out http://www.easyjet.com.

EasyJet also offers complete holiday packages. When in the website, click on the button called “holidays” and you too, will discover, why EasyJet is UK’s #1 Airline.