London Walks

I’m a historical tourist. I love most things ancient and historical.

 Every year I grab a flight to Europe from Vancouver, and every year I look forward to my next chapter in life’s history book.

 Our journey begins in the historical city of London. Over the years I have found a great walking company that has revealed the history of London, one walk at a time.

 London Walks was founded nearly half a century ago by Keith Baverstock, an Australian. Over the years the walking company has earned the reputation of being the best loved walking tour on the planet.

 To join a walking tour, meet the guide at the pre-arranged London Tube Station (found on website). There is no need to pre-book or pre pay, the walks run rain or shine.  Each tour last approximately two hours and costs $10 British Pound, per adult.

 Over the years I have wandered in Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. Learned the secrets of St. Paul’s, British Museum, Westminster Abbey, from an expert. Enjoyed the Old Knightsbridge Pub Walk, and late at night, I trembled through the Haunts of Jack the Ripper.

 My most memorable walk was called the Charles Dickens London.  The enthusiasm behind the guide’s words, the purpose in each step she took, the long Victoria dress she wore. I knew even before I started the walk, that I was about to embark on memorable journey that I could cherish forever

 London Walks has so many regular tours I don’t have the space to list them all. Whatever one you choose, the walking experience, will be the highlight of your trip to London.

 Every walk I take reveals a fascinating chapter of London’s history. Every year I can’t wait to consult the walking tour’s website to see where my history lesson will take me.  

If your planning a trip to London, check out their website