Going All Inclusive in the Canary Islands

The temptation to island hop can be enticing, but I’m glad we decided to slow down, and enjoy the moment.  Going all inclusive keeps the prices affordable.  We can come back to our happy place, and to a different island, year after year.

The holiday package we purchased through http://www.sunshine.co.uk covered all of our needs:  flights, hotel room, meals, snacks, drinks (alcohol and non alcoholic) and day to evening entertainment.

I did not feel compelled to stay on the resort and get my money’s worth. The tropical island was ours to discover, and we could savour the local cuisine, during the day. The final, affordable, price of the holiday package, left me plenty of money in the budget to pay for our lunches out.

We choose island of Tenerife, on our first holiday in the Canaries. Our resort hotel, Green Garden Resort and Spa in Playa de las America soon turned into our home away from home.

I would gladly return, year after year, but my adventurous spirit beckons me to try something new.

From our first night wandering along the seafront promenade, lavishing in sunsets more beautiful than I had seen before, I knew I’d found my happy place.  I also realized that paying all inclusive would allow me to enjoy the Canaries, at my own pace.

Year after year, I have found the best all inclusive deals with a dedicated online holiday company called http://www.sunshine.co.uk.  They rate 4.8/5 on http://www.reviewcentre.com. Each year I check out other tour companies but http://www.sunshine.co.uk always offers the best prices and so many choices for hotels and flights.

If your looking for fun in the sun, any time of year,  check out the Canary Island.  Check out http://www.sunshine.co.uk and enjoy the advantages of going all inclusive.







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