Who were the Guanches of Tenerife?

The origins of this pre-Hispanic race are a mystery, but it is widely accepted that they came from North Africa.

What is known about the Guanches is taken from the writings of the Spanish Chroniclers and archaeological discoveries that have been made.

The Guanches were hunter-gatherer tribe who lived a lifestyle like the people from the Stone Age.

The research into these people revealed that they shared a number of cultural characteristics with the ancient Egyptians.  Their biggest link to the Egyptian race was the Pyramids of Guimar located not far from the town of Candelaria.

The nine statues that line the Candelaria seafront is an unforgettable reminder that this brave race existed.

I was immediately drawn to them as I approached the harbour front of Candelaria.

Statues of Tenerife’s original inhabitants can be found all over the island, but nothing can compare to the emotional impact of starring up at Candelaria’s brave soldiers.


teneriff 130




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