Journey to Mount Teide in Tenerife

Our favourite drive tour was our winding journey out to Mount Teide, the largest mountain in Spain.

I expected the drive to include hair raising turns and tiny roads with sudden drops but the experience was a snapshot of breathless views through scented pine and eucalyptus forests

The TF-21, that cuts through Teide National Park, is beautiful road that is well maintained. The roads rises on a steady pace.

The forest ends and roads opens to unique landscapes of colorful rocks interspaced between wild grass and brown barren land.

We stopped to grab a cup of coffee at the restaurant at the foot of the gondola. We starred through the panoramic windows as tourists braved the ride into the blue sky.

The 25 Euro gondola ride takes 7 minutes. The cable car arrived at a rocky perch where we wandered along the mountain pathways to admire the lofty views.

Mount Teide is a great family attraction. If you don’t want to splurge for the cable car the lunar landscape is perfect for hikers of all ages.


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