Tips for Driving in Tenerife

Let us start with the basics. In Tenerife they drive on the right hand side of the road with the steering wheel on the left of the vehicle (as in most of Europe, except the UK and Cyprus).

The main motorway, the TF-1, is smooth driving, and runs from the south of the island, to the capital Santa Cruz, and all the way out to Puerto de la Cruz. Use this highway when you can.

The most challenging area to drive in Tenerife is on the northwest of the island. the hairpin bends, steep drops and fogged in mountain roads require your constant attention. This area has some of the most beautiful natural sights. The coastal town of Garachico is not to be missed.

Once you leave behind the TF1, and TF5 cruising along Tenerife’s country roads is an enjoyable experience, but the key word is “laidback”. The locals, Tinerfeños, travel slowly and look for every opportunity to stop suddenly and socialize.

We rented a Hyundai Accent for five days. The total cost per day, including taxes and insurance, was $30 Euros. At the time, a GPS was not available. The island is small, and we managed okay after our first trip.

Our most scenic drive tour was our trip to Teide National Park. I will blog about this next Monday.


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