Pyramids of Guimar

teneriff 169As I stare out the window at the chilly rain my mind drifts back to the tropical island of Teneifife. The island is fondly referred to as the Island of Eternal Spring.

Pyramids of Guimar are located in the town of Güímar, on the eastern shore, about 40 kilometres south of the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The ethnographic park opened in 1998, which offers six step pyramids on display. It is also home to to the museo Casa Chacona.

The museum is relatively young, and offers some innovative ways to learn how the excavations to the pyramid complex were carried out.

We wandered along a well worn pathway past six pyramids of different sizes. Each section included informational signs. The audio guide tells the story of Tenerife and the Pyramids, in a exciting way.

The sight is off the tourist track and the museum was almost empty on the day we visited. We stopped off the cafeteria for a ice cream for a reasonable price.

Only one disappointment, the research to date could not pin point the age of the pyramids.

The sight is still well worth the visit for tourists who want to more about the Eternal Island of Spring


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