Mdina’s Fontanella Tea Garden

Mdina’s (Silent City)  history can be traced back 4000 years.  It is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city with an extraordinary mix of medieval and baroque architecture.

Fontanella is a terrace cafe intergrated within Mdina’s city walls.  With views of terraced fields implemented by the Arabs, and green pastures reaching to the sea this is the place to go for an afternoon coffee and chocolate cake.

Fontanella Tea Garden is one of the most popular cafes on the island. Tourists and locals come from all over to check out the medieval Mdina and enjoy a slice of their chocolate cafe. The locals say that the cafe serves the best  Maltese Ftira (Maltese bread)

The two level stone building is easy to spot with it‘s red and white umbrella billowing in the wind. Through the door the atmosphere is a mix of stone walls, climbing plants and a courtyard with an actual flowing fountain. I headed for the terrace, climbing the narrow stone stairs, uneven in places.


Hope you enjoy a small portion of my article about this lovely tea garden in Malta.  Hope you come back to see more of my lovely photos from Malta


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