Gozo’s Timeless Salt Pans

The small island of Gozo offers some of the oldest heritage sights in the world. The Xwejni Salt Pans have been mined the same way since Roman Times.

Gozo is part of the Maltese Archipelago, and much smaller than it’s sister island, Malta. The tranquil island is much greener, and life is dictated by the seasons.

On the north coast of Gozo, just west of Marsalforn, the 350 year old rock-cut saltpans protrude into the sea. These coastal pools stretch for 3km along the ragged coast. Our full day coach tour around Gozo included a ride on a trackless that took us along the coastal road

Gozo is a small island, 14 km long and 7 km at it’s widest point. There are 12 villages and 1 town. As our coach wound through and along the hilly roads I noticed that the size of the village did not restrict the size of the church. Ghrasi, the smallest village on Gozo, with a population of 560, sits in the shadow of huge Parish Church that was dedicated to Corpus Christi on 9 January 1916

In was mid afternoon by the time we loaded on the train. We travelled, slowly along the coastal road, I stared out at the amazing sight of the rocked carved pools, enjoying the fresh sea and the slight breeze drifting in. Our local guide explained the process as I photographed shot after shot.

The salt mines are surrounding by some rock formations eroded by the wind and rain into unique forms………..


This is small portion of my travel article about Gozo’s salt pans. Come back next week and I’ll tell you more about our trip to Malta.


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