Idyllic Ischia’s Oasis of Wellness

The thermal waters on the Isle of Ischia have been an attraction since the Romans ruled the world. This volcanic origins of this island, located on the Bay of Naples, have left behind the richest hot springs in Europe.

We heard that the neighbouring Isle of Capri was crowded, and selected a laid back day tour to the Isle of Ischia. The tour included a four hour visit to Parco Thermal Tropical located in the small village of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia

Our hydrofoil left Sorrento at 9:30am and we enjoyed a view of the magnificent Castello Aragonese as we pulled into Porto Ischia. Our coach followed the coastal road into the small fishing village of Sant’ Angelo.

Parco Thermal Tropical spa park is spread out over 30,000 square feet. A number of brightly colored tropical flowers, palm trees, and shades trees, create a peaceful environment that invite guests to linger all day. The complex includes change rooms, a restaurant, and a spa.

We paid our half-day entrance fee $18 Euros which allowed me the use of ten thermal pools, a whirlpool, Kneipp Pool, Sauna, Roman Grotto, Sunbeds and Sunshades. For a fee, guests would enjoy a variety of health treatments: mud baths, Ayurvedic Massages, hot lava stone massage and so much more.

We wandered from pool section to pool section, savouring the scenery. The ever-silent roman statues that guarded each entrance filled me with a sense of royalty. Shrouded in my white towel, I felt like a roman ruler, pampered, entitled, and fully relaxed.


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