War Cemeteries at Cassino

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On our day trip from Sorrento, in Southern Italy, we checked out Cassino War Cemeteries.  The Cemetery is the second largest Second World War Two cemetery in Italy.  More than 4,200 Commonwealth graves are located here, of which 200 are unknown, and 855 are Canadian. 

We wandered silently through the massive graveyard, snapping photo after photo of headstones of Canadian soldiers, saddened that so many had died before their 25th birthday.

Before our tour group moved on to Abbey of Montecassino we grabbed a photo of the Cassino Memorial with the names of 192 Canadians inscribed on the 15-foot high slabs of green marble.  It was an impressive monument to witness, I took a moment to reflect on how the Battle of Monte Cassino had changed history, before boarding the tour bus.

The Battle of Monte Cassino is considered one of the most important battles of World War Two.  In next week’s blog I’ll talk about the history of Abbey of Montecassino