Kelebek Cave Hotel


The view from the terrace at Kelebek Cave Hotel is one more reason to extend your stay in Goreme.   

On our first night, we discovered the most delightful small patio for two.  Completely relaxed, we sat with a glass of wine, and watched the sun set. 

 Located in the heart of the historic village of Goreme, the tops of the fairy chimney rooms at Kelebek Cave Hotel once served at simple chapels for local hermits.

 Today, this authentic cave hotel, offers 36 cave or fairy chimney rooms.  We paid 55 Euros for a standard room, that included a private bath. 

 Guests can also a meal at the restaurant, drinks on the bar, a dip in the pool, and a visit to the traditional Hammam.  I paid a reasonable 30 Euros for a soap massage after our memorable hot air balloon ride over the Cappadocia valley.

 My favorite moment was relaxing over breakfast on huge fluffy, Turkish pillows on the sunny dinning room patio.

 Mr. Ali Yavuz the genial owner manager, who speaks excellent English, also runs an on-site tour company called Turkish Heritage Travel. 

 The company offers two different full day tours.  After a included buffet breakfast, the tours depart from the hotel at 9:30am, and return at 17:00.  Lunch is included and their is a discount on the tour price when paying cash. 

 The tour company offered us half price on airport transfers when we pre-booked both of their tours. 



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