The Magic of Cappadocia

Imagination ValleyOur twenty fifth anniversary was special, and I wanted to spend it somewhere unforgettable.  Once I started my research, I quickly realized that the Cappadocia region in Turkey is like nowhere else in the world!

The region can best be described as an outdoor sculpture park carved by Mother Nature, and the fairy chimneys spread out around the area, illustrate her sense of humour.

Through the ages, the Hittites, Persians, Alexander the Great, Rome, The Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and Turkey have all governed the region in Central Anatolia.

Visitors can now enjoy a great nights sleep in a cave hotel; during the day they can wander through unique areas like Imagination Valley where large boulders have been eroded by nature into animal shapes.

Beneath these ancient rock formations are masses of sprawling tunnels were locals sought refuges to escape attackers.  The region is known to have over a hundred underground cities but only a few are open to the public.  Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are the most popular and can be viewed with most group tours.  Later in the month, I will blog about Kaymakli Underground City in the detail.

Goreme Open Air Museum is only fifteen minutes from the village of Goreme.  The sights best captures the history of the place in a rock hewn multi-storey complex.  Each section contains a church with the most beautiful frescoes this area has on offer.  The entrance fee is only 15 Turkish Lira, per adults, there are multiple language signs on display.

The Open Air Museum is just one mile from our hotel, Kelebek Cave Hotel.  It offers cave and fairy rooms, a restaurant and bar, a pool, laundry service, and a traditional Turkish Place.  The boutique hotel runs a separate excursion company, called Heritage Tours, from the same premises.

The region is known to be the best place, in the world, to enjoy a hot air balloon ride.  There are numerous companies to choose from.  Our early air balloon tour Kapadokya Balloons was thrilling and safe.  In the evening, don’t miss the Whirlish Dervish Ceramony.
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