postcard from Crete



Sidney by the Sea


Known locally as Sidney by the Sea, my friendly ocean side town snuggles the shores of the Straight of Georgia, on the edge of Saanich Peninsula.  The once fertile farmland now entices seniors from all over Canada to immigrate to the sunny southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The main street, Beacon Avenue, leads to the heart and soul of Sidney Marina and the popular seawalk. 

The red-bricked 2.5 km Heart Smart Walk reflects the best of what my hometown has to offer.  The colorful post boards dotting the path offer up Saanich Peninsula’s history in manageable moments. 

The steel statues, added in the summer of 2012, offer a visual storyboard for walkers of all ages.  The wooden benches baked to a cinnamon brown in the noonday sun provide a relaxing place to pause and reflex.  The artful flowerbeds, that line the path, entice even the most determined business person to linger just a little longer.

Like the ebb and flow of the sea, the pathway changes as the daily life in Sidney by the Sea progresses.  On my morning stroll I hear the clank of fish carts echoing out of the fisherman’s wharf.  By mid morning tea, the pounding feet of the locals jogging crack through the quiet air.

The blue and white shack on the tip of Sidney Pier is the best place to enjoy a lunchtime sandwich.  The outside benches are filled with happy patrons delighted to enjoy a moment in the nurturing sun.

Just before the evening meal, eager dogs barrel along the pathway, and bark out a welcome at every passing man and beast. 

Springtime dusk is my favourite time of year, and on those treasured days, I head to Smugglers Pub, on the edge of the pathway, to watch the world go by. Life couldn’t get any better.