A London Treasure – Liberty Bounds

IMG_1007Wetherspoons Pub in London – Liberty Bounds

Liberty Bounds is across the street from the Tower of London, and stands close to the site of the scaffold, where prisoners from the Tower of London met their fate in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The location is ideal for sightseeing, and the price of the entrees are very competitive.  All J.D. Wetherspoon Pubs offer two for one meal deals through the week, and a Sunday Roast Special for $6.99GPB, that includes a drink

We had spent the afternoon at the Tower of London, and looked forward to our Jack the Ripper Walk offered by London walks (www.walks.com)  The famous walking tour meets at the Tower Hill Tube Station at 7:30pm; we had plenty of time for a leisurely meal.

Walking across the street the grand name of the pub, Liberty Bounds, snagged our attention.  When we entered the lobby of the pub we were pleased to discover that the restaurant was owned by our favourite British Pub Chain, J.D. Wetherspoons.  (www.jdwetherspoons.co.uk)

The restaurant was tastefully decorated in Victorian wood panelled walls, comfortable leather bound seats, patterned rugs in rich colors and plenty of light streaming in through the stained glass windows.  The restaurant is spacious, we choose to eat on the second floor.  Our table was tucked into a peaceful alcove with a medieval Tapestry hanging close by.  I was charmed the minute we sat down.

The atmosphere was casual posh, but not so severe that if we spoke above a police whisper we’d be dragged off to the nearby London Towers for a proper lashing.

Our smiling server returned with our Roast Beef Dinner before we had time to forget her name.  The portions of the meal were generous, our meal even included our choice of coffee, pop, beer or wine.

We declined the offer of desert, and settled over coffee to watch the blue sky over the Tower of London turn a dusky gray.  Walking to meet our guide for our Jack the Ripper Walk, I knew I’d return to Liberty Bounds again.