parasailing on the Aegean Sea

Wish I could post the photos of our parasaling today.  Let  me give you give you picture in a couple of sentences.

Alan and I, hanging in the air 250 feet above the Aegean Sea, harnessed and safe.  Feeting swinging like carefree children, me screaming with enjoyment.  Camera snapping.  We’ll show you the photos when were back in Canada.



Bus tour to Ephesus

Long day.  Our bus tour to Ephesus took nearly four hours but the  ruins  of one of the most important cities of Asia Minor.  Exhausted and with minor burns we headed off to the Green Bar, by the pool to sustain ourself with a couple shots of Raki.  Gotta love all inclusive.

Royal Asarlik Beach Hotel

Arrived safely, resort exceeded our expectations.  Put our hands in the lives of the local dolus (min-bus) driver.  We arrived home to brag about it.  Giving up our life up leisure and heading out to Epheus.  Have a  6:00am pick up don’t be too envious.  Check out my photos on facebook.

Talk to you tomorrow.

free day in london

Still on Canada’s timeclock; couldn’t sleep past 4:00aM.  We managed to grab the Gatwick Express and pulled in London Victoria train station before 8:30am.

We had time to wander through Westminster Cathdreal and gaze in awe at the stunning frescoes before purchasing our SIN card for ipad2.

It was sunny and chilly; perfect weather to wander around Greenich.  This time we checked the art in Queens House.  Most of the artists on show were known for their marine seascapes.  The play of light and detail on one painting caught my attention from across one of the rooms and I drew closer to check out the artist’s name:  James Webb.   I wrote down the his name and title of the amazing painting of this brilliant nineteenth century artist and plan to google him later.

If you’re ever in Greenich you need to check out a restaurant called Frankie and Bennies.  The staff make even an oridinary burger something special and the view of the Thames  offered a relaxing break over lunch.

Tommorrow we face another 4:ooam rise to catch our early flight  out to Bodrum Turkey.

Great travel resource for planning

We needed a multi-entry Turkish visa for our trip to Rhode Island in Greece from our resort in Bodrum Turkey. Our problem-we purchased a single entry visa-and we couldn’t leave Turkey. Who did I ask for help? Trip advisor. Why? People from all over the world post questions on their forum. The people who respond to these questions are local experts who have earned this title based on the number of questions they respond it. Even more remarkable the response time is quick and free.

Our answer arrived the next morning. The local expert from Istanbul advised we upgrade from our single entry to a multi level when we land at Bodrum Airport. What a relief. No need to worry anymore.

Balmy weather in Bodrum

We headed to Victoria’s inner harbour to practice downloading our photos from Fujifilm FinePix S6000 to ipad2. The dull day produced dreary images, but we didn’t care about the rain. We needed to learn for our holiday in Bodrum Turkey. Leaving behind the rain, we headed to the Hudsons Bay Cafe for a hot, revitalizing, coffee. As we sipped, we plugged in the appropriate equipment, and watched in amazement as the photos quickly transferred from camera to ipad2.

Later that day I googled the weather in turkey and found out that the locals in Bodrum had enjoyed a balmy 21C. I can’t wait to join them; only eight more days.